Unlock the world of NFTs.

Whether you're new to this or an OG NFT collector, we're helping people get into and master NFTs with our tools, technology and resources.

Outli3rs is a platform and community for NFT collectors. Learn, grow your collection and make genuine connections. Get smart, join the movement.

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Get in the game with help from experts

Getting started in NFTs can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. You’ll learn why NFTs are important, how to get started, where to buy and sell, and even tips and tricks to find new pieces, projects and people.

Build a smart, well designed collection

Every good collection starts with a plan. Outliers leads you through a strategic process to help define what you want to collect, what blockchains make the most sense for you, what kind of projects, art, or collectibles you want to own. We’ll even connect you with other people that have similar strategies to help you get up to speed fast.

Be part of a growing community

Most people show up to NFTs thinking that this is a way to make money.  And while that might be true, there is something deeper here. In your journey you'll find a community of people you call friends, and an ecosystem that you actually have a hand in building.

Stay safe, and Ahead of the Curve

One of the hardest things about NFTs and Web3 in general, is the speed at which things move. Outliers is here to keep you updated on developments, projects, advancements in technology, new platforms and more. And, we're here to help you stay safe - by establishing good security practices and systems.

We've made learning about and onboarding to NFTs fast and easy.

Whether you are just looking to learn more about NFTs or you’re a Web3 expert, our tools, technology, coursework and community will meet you where you are, and take your collecting to the next level.

Learn now, for free—no commitments. Seriously.

The only investment you'll need to get started with Outliers is time. Check out our library of free resources to help you get started. Take a class. Attend a Collector session. Whether you choose to join the community or not, our goal is to do everything we can to make you a smarter, more informed NFT collector.

How it works

The Outliers community is here to help you build an incredible NFT collection. The process is easy and goes at whatever speed you’re comfortable.


Jump into your first class

It’s easy. Take one of the classes from our library or attend a free session.and timeline...

No strings attached. Get some knowledge from our experts in Outliers 101.


Develop your NFT collection strategy

Use the Outliers strategic framework for determining how you’ll start collecting NFTs.

Invest a little time and what you’ll have on the other end is a well thought out plan and document for your NFT collection. This includes: what you want to invest, what kinds of projects or art you want to collect, what chains you will be collecting on, and what your collection thesis is.


Getting started with wallets

Get up to speed on the variety of options available to you as a collector. The big place to start - your wallet.

Learn about hot and cold wallets and advantages/disadvantages of both. Establish proper security protocols and learn smart systems to protect yourself and your collection. Quickly get yourself set up whether you plan to collect on Ethereum, Tezos or Solana.


Getting started with Exchanges

Opensea, SuperRare, Looks Rare, ArtBlocks, Teia, FXHash, Objkt… where does one begin?

With thousands of new NFTs launching every day, it’s hard to keep up.  With Outliers, you’ll get the lay of the land and tools, systems and processes to quickly master your way around.


Working the network

Perhaps one of the most overwhelming parts of collecting NFTs is managing the network.

From Twitter to Discord, and Spaces to Clubhouses... it can be a lot. We'll help you get organized and create a system that makes keeping up with projects, initiatives and people easy to manage.


Learn the tools of the trade

We build and connect you with tools that are designed specifically to help make you a better collector.

We're tech people, so we are always on the lookout for how we can build solutions to make you a better collector.  From Telegram Bots to tools for collection analytics, we have a suite of resources available for you.


Sign up for the Outliers Academy

We run 6 cohorts per year of the Outliers Academy - a 4 day virtual workshop, lecture series and a private community all designed to accelerate your success as a collector.

It's a small investment and worth every penny. Guaranteed.


Join the community

Outliers is also a membership community where collectors and artists have curated access to one another.

We host meet ups, artist drops, collection reviews and Outliers releases exclusive to members.

Hundreds of Collectors have collected thousands of pieces with Outliers help. We’re confident it will work for you too 👊

I was curious about NFTs, but the process of getting started was so confusing and  a little scary actually. Outliers made getting started easy and the community of collectors has turned out to be the team I didn’t know I needed. 
- Josh M

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NFTs 101
How/Where to buy NFTs
Developing your strategy
NFT Jargon
Wallets & exhanges
This month's hidden gems
NFTs 101
How/Where to buy NFTs
Developing your strategy
NFT Jargon
Wallets & exhanges
This month's hidden gems

Here's a little something to get you started

We’ve compiled 6 of our favorite resources to help you get started. They’re free. Use them and enjoy. Come back if you love it.

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