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Learn NFTs from experts.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN COLLECTING NFTS? Do you want to know what all the hype is about? STart here with a virtual workshop and lecture series led by some of the industry's brightest minds. in a few hours over 4 days, You'll be set up for success on your nFT collecting journey.
Chris Ostoich
Founder, Outliers

About this

Learn the framework for NFT success that will save you time, money and heartache and net you some cool art and new friends along the way. 

The goal is to increase your NFT IQ and accelerate your experience in the space. 

Learn the framework for NFT success that will save you time, money and heartache and net you some cool art and new friends along the way. 

The goal is to increase your NFT IQ and accelerate your experience in this exciting space. 

Why join this workshop?

  • NFTs present one of the most transformational moments in history
    We are entering a new paradigm for art, collecting and how ownership is defined and recorded.  Don't be caught without an understanding of the opportunity this moment presents. The savviest collectors have a well defined strategy and framework for NFTs, and we'll help you develop your own.
  • There's a method to the madness....
    Becoming a successful NFT collector requires a system that you can learn and implement.  And it’s one that we’ve worked hard to develop for you. We'll supplement that system with knowledge and resources from experts in the space.
  • We’ve helped hundreds of people define their collection strategy and thesis and begin to build collections they love.
    Having a system that you implement early on will increase the likelihood that you’ll be successful in this space.  It’s not guaranteed obviously - but we’ve learned systems, tools and processes that can help you dramatically increase the likelihood of success.  And that’s exactly what this course is.
  • We’re inviting you.
    The program teaches a framework for success collecting NFTs by some of the brightest minds in the industry.  It’s an interactive workshop, curated lectures by some of the world’s great collectors and membership to a private community of collectors that you’ll benefit greatly from being connected with.

Meet your instructors
and guest lecturers

Chris Ostoich
Founder, Outliers
Founder, Outliers
Collector & Artist
The Tezos Ecosystem and Collection Strategies
Generative platforms on Ethereum and Tezos
Collector and Product Builder
How Curation Guides Collection Strategy
Strategy @SuperRare, Collector
Magic Metrics and Mechanics for Collectors
Big executive
Protecting Yourself and Your Wallet

Key Outcomes

Develop a collection thesis and visual aesthetic
Master wallets and exchanges
What, how and where to buy
Build your toolkit: systems, platforms, and products
Develop a network
Establish a collection roadmap

Course Information


May 17-20

6-8pm daily

Demo Day

May 20th

@ 4pm



Join this Workshop
  • Start with Why
    Developing your why is super important. Conviction in NFTs is everything. Your Why will help you determine that.
  • Marketing mining
    This is a phase that we call Discovery.  This guided exercise will help you narrow in on what kind of NFTs you want to collect.
  • Portfolio design
    We’ll walk you through how the most successful collectors organize their collections and how they determine what to buy/sell/hold and when.
  • Develop a collection thesis
    You’ll develop a collection thesis that clearly articulates your vision for your collection. What you intend to collect, why, how often, from who and where. This is foundational to your success.
  • Understanding Ethereum
    The grandaddy of NFT chains. You’ll need to know your way around ETH, why it’s important, where to find opportunities and how to get involved.
  • Mastering Tezos
    The emerging art platform, Tezos is an exciting ecosystem to be involved in. Learn your way around exchanges, wallets and tools to help you succeed.
  • Working the network
    How to navigate NFT Twitter, learn about Discord, and build a network of quality connections to help you succeed.
  • Collector reviews
    In depth reviews of collectors and their collections. See how some of the most successful NFT collectors built such incredible portfolios.
  • Live collecting
    Our team of experts will lead guided collecting sessions so participants can see exactly how the pros do it.